Jan 5, 2011

Let`s Practise Spelling

Spelling a word correctly is very important. It gives a good impression and it avoids misunderstandings.

Good spellers are skillful at breaking words up into syllables.
Syllables are the individual sound that make up a word.

Examples: play-ful, hos-pi-tal, u-ni-ver-si-ty

Breaking a word into syllables makes it easier. We only deal with one small bit at a time.
For each word give a clap for each syllable. For example, give one clap for each syllable. This means there are two claps for this word: "clap-ping".

Examples: kitchen           kit-chen
                 weekends        week-ends
                 sweetly            sweet-ly
                 window           win-dow
                 shampoo         sham-poo

                                                                                      by: Teacher Khadijah