Jan 5, 2011

Let`s Practise Spelling

Spelling a word correctly is very important. It gives a good impression and it avoids misunderstandings.

Good spellers are skillful at breaking words up into syllables.
Syllables are the individual sound that make up a word.

Examples: play-ful, hos-pi-tal, u-ni-ver-si-ty

Breaking a word into syllables makes it easier. We only deal with one small bit at a time.
For each word give a clap for each syllable. For example, give one clap for each syllable. This means there are two claps for this word: "clap-ping".

Examples: kitchen           kit-chen
                 weekends        week-ends
                 sweetly            sweet-ly
                 window           win-dow
                 shampoo         sham-poo

                                                                                      by: Teacher Khadijah

Let`s Learn Homophones

Homophones are words that sound the same but are spelt differently and have different meanings.

Example: I found a hair in my soup          

                Sorry, did you say you found a hare in your soup?

Here are some more homophones: 

hear - here            horse - hoarse             waist - waste             won - one
see - sea                meat - meet                  no - know                  be - bee
son - sun               pain - pane                   pail - pale                  blue - blew

                                                          by: Teacher Khadijah

Let`s Learn Preposition

A preposition links nouns, pronouns and phrases to other words in a sentence. There are three common types of preposition. They are preposition of time, direction and position (place).

Preposition of time
Examples: I`ll wait at the cyber cafe
                 The meeting was at night
                 They plan to leave at seven o`clock
                 At night you can see the fireflies

Examples: Please be back by seven o`clock
                 They have to finish their work by Wednesday

Examples: They went to the farm during the holidays
                  They cheered loudly during the games
                  During recess, they eat in the canteen
                  They did the experiment during their lesson

Examples: He will study in Singapore for four years
                  My brother studied for three hours this morning
                  My grandfather stayed in the camp for a year
                  They trained for two weeks

Examples: My mother retired in 2008
                  The UPSR examination will be in September
                  They have Physical Education in the morning
                  My Brother is getting married in a month`s time

Examples: They are going camping on Saturday
                  He celebrated his birthday on 21st April
                  They are coming home on New Year`s Eve
                  On what day is Teacher`s Day celebrated?

Examples: He has lived here since 1998
                  They have been living in Melaka since 2000
                  They have been working on the project since Monday

Preposition of direction

  • Samad ran to his house
  • The cat jumped onto the chair
  • He dropped a coin into the glass
  • The cat ran down the stairs
  • They drove towards the lake
  • The dog escaped through a hole in the fence
  • The boys leaped over the hurdles
  • The couple jogged along the river
  • Abu walked across the field
  • The Boy Scouts walked past the flag pole
  • They dance around the campfire
  • Selva climbed up the tree  
Preposition of position

  • The picture is above the piano
  • Ali`s house is across the street
  • The ladder is against the wall
  • The storeroom is at the corner
  •  Adlin is standing between the cars
  • The shoes are under the cupboard
  • The coffe table is below the fan
  • The vase is by the door
  • The flowers are in the vase
  • They are inside the hall
  • The tree is behind the house
  • The mosque is opposite the stadium

                                                       by: Teacher Khadijah 


Let`s Learn Some Common Social Expression

To Greet                                                 Responses
Good Morning, Mr Lee.                         Good morning, Ruby.
Hello, Mr Lee.                                         Hello, Ruby.
Hi, Razif.                                                 Hi, Cheng.
Good afternoon, boys                             Good afternoon, Teacher

To Say Farewell                                     Responses

Goodbye, Jill.                                         Goodbye, Chandra.
Have a good flight, Auntie.                    Thank You, Susie.
Bye, Chong. Have a safe trip.                Thanks, Jefri.

To Introduce                                           Responses

Hello, I`m John.                                      Hi, I`m Ricky. Nice to meet you.
Hi, Jill. Meet my sister, Lily.                  Hi, Lily. I`m Jill

To Congratulate                                     Responses

Congratulations! Keep it up.                  Thank You.
Well done, Julie!                                     Thanks, Dad.

To Apologize                                           Responses                                                   

I am very sorry about this.                      That`s all right.                                
I apologize for my mistake.                     Don`t do it again.

To Give An Order                                  Responses

Pass up your books now.                         Yes, Puan Siti.
Keep Quiet in the library.                        All right.
Do not walk on the grass.                        Ok.

                                                        By: Teacher Khadijah

Jan 4, 2011


Parts of body

Parts of face

Lets try to label parts of body.
Then check your answer.
Good Luck

Note : click the picture to enlarge the image.

By : Teacher Ain

TEST your LISTENING skills

Listen the song carefully and click the correct answer based on the songs .
Click the answer through the video appear.
Good luck! and your score are been counted.

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Have you wonder whose are these person that always appear around you?
What did they do?

Click the link below;

Now, List 5 of your future occupations and why you want to be part of them?


                                                               By :Teacher AIN

Lets take five...

Learn English through games its fun and meaningful!
Lets look at your luck!

Character Education crossword puzzle game » crossword creator

Now, Solve the puzzles below..
make the pictures LIVES!

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